The Boutique Experience…

At The Nail Boutique, we go above and beyond the government regulated sanitization procedures to provide the best care for the health and safety of our employees and valued clients. In an industry where many establishments try to save money by cutting corners, we do the opposite. We invest in stringent sanitization processes to give our clients a piece of mind.

All of our stainless steel equipment are disinfected in Accel Hydrogen Peroxide CS20 Solution, a high grade, environmentally friendly disinfectant that safely removes all bacteria without the use of harmful chemicals. Non-stainless steel equipment are either disposed of after each use or stored away in special cases personalized to each individual client.

Our pedicure bowls are washed in detergent and disinfected with Accel Hydrotherapy Solution after each use. Your toes deserve the best!

We use disposable spatulas for every wax service and we never double dip in our wax. Our beds are lined with disposable liners and replaced after every client.

Our Estheticians use disposable gloves during all pedicure, waxing and other procedures requiring sanitary care.

Rest assured, we will do whatever it takes to give you the maximum hygienic care you deserve.

wheelchair accessible facilities We have wheelchair accessible facilities.